Your Premiere Escape Room in Camp Hill, PA

Do You Even Escape?

An interactive, live-action game where players are "locked" in a room with only one way out. Players, working in teams of 2-10, work cooperatively to solve puzzles and riddles before the time expires.

Glimpse into the interior of the Checkmate Room. Wonder what that chess board is for?


The Family reunion has gone sideways and now you are locked inside the cabin. Can you solve crazy Uncle Larry’s puzzles, achieve checkmate, and escape in time?

Occupancy: 2-10 Players per room
Price: $20-$28/Player
Entire Room: $240


The Titanic is sinking! Grab your life vests and escape before you become a relic of the sea. You can’t get out of your room though. Can you solve the masterminds puzzles, get your life vests, and survive the Titanic?

Occupancy: 2-4 Players per room
Price: $25-$28/Player
Entire Room: $100

Glimpse into the Titanic room
Glimpse into the Titanic room. Those settings look to be missing something?


You’ve broken into a jewelry store to steal the precious Royal diamond, a 28 carat purple stone worth 7.8 million dollars! Unfortunately, you’ve managed to trigger the alarm, and now you are locked in the store! You have 60 minutes until the police arrive. You must have all the gemstones back in place and convince them you are a new employee in order to walk away unsuspected. Bonus points if you manage to snag the Royal diamond on the sly.

Occupancy: 2-4 Players per room
Price: $25-$28/Player
Entire Room: $100