Your Premiere Escape Room in Camp Hill, PA

Do You Even Escape?

An interactive, live-action game where players are "locked" in a room with only one way out. Players, working in teams of 2-10, work cooperatively to solve puzzles and riddles before the time expires.


It's the mid 1900's. It's your first night as a server at the local downtown tavern, and you've discovered one of your patrons may have been poisoned! You won't let this happen on your very first shift; you're determined to find out who did it and how you can prevent his untimely passing before it's too late. Quick, he's about to take his first bite! (Difficulty: Medium)

Occupancy: 2-10 Players per room
Price: $20-$28/Player
Entire Room: $200


You've run shipwrecked on an uncharted island! You've been lost for days and your search party is about to give up hope. You have 60 minutes to light your flare and signal your distress before the search is called off and you're left to your demise! (Difficulty: Easiest, 2-4 players)

Occupancy: 2-4 Players per room
Price: $25-$28/Player
Entire Room: $100


You’ve broken into a jewelry store to steal the precious Royal diamond, a 28 carat purple stone worth 7.8 million dollars! Unfortunately, you’ve managed to trigger the alarm, and now you are locked in the store! You have 60 minutes until the police arrive. You must have all the gemstones back in place and convince them you are a new employee in order to walk away unsuspected. Bonus points if you manage to snag the Royal diamond on the sly. (Difficulty: Hardest)

Occupancy: 2-4 Players per room
Price: $25-$28/Player
Entire Room: $100

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