What is the history of the “escape room”?

The Escape Room originated in Japan in 2007. They have since spread throughout the world, and continue to spread at a steady rate. The first US location opened in 2012 in San Francisco and our fun escape games began outside of Harrisburg, PA started in 2017.

How was Do you even Escape? started?

Our inspiration for opening an escape room began with doing escape rooms ourselves! We loved the unique experiences, the feeling of challenging your mind in new ways, and the bonding we felt with teammates.

How does the experience work?

The concept is simple. You and your team are trapped inside a room, and you have 60 minutes to break out. If you can solve the riddles and puzzles in time, you have escaped!

How will you escape?

By stretching your brain power, using logical deduction skills, and solving puzzles found in the room. This adventure is unlike any other entertainment experience. You will leave feeling as though you have exercised your mind and teamwork skills, in a fun and challenging way!

How many players can participate?

Our Island Getaway and Diamond Heist rooms were designed for teams of 2-4. Our Twisted Tavern room is ideal for up to 10 players.

What are the current health safety practices?

We aim to take your health and safety very seriously. Each room is sanitized between bookings. All rooms are private at this time. 

How much are tickets?

Our tickets start at $30/person, then decrease slightly as your group number grows. You can save when you book an entire room. So call your friends, family, or random strangers you met at the bar to join you in this unique experience.

Do you offer discounts?

We do!

If you are celebrating a birthday, try promo code “happybirthday” for 10% off. Happy birthday!

Escaping with an active or retired member of the military? Promo code “military15” saves 15%. Every day!

And for our non-profit groups (scouts/youth groups/classes), promo code “nonprofit30” will give 30% off on Sundays.

Doing a team-building activity with co-workers? Use “teamwork” for 10% off anytime. (See our Team Building tab for more savings options!)

We also offer a weeknight special of 30% off Wednesdays and Thursdays with “weekday30” for everyone. Enjoy!

What are the rooms like?

We have spent much time and effort to design our rooms for a truly immersive feeling. The rooms will make you feel as though you are in a theatrical representation of the theme.

How long is the game?

You will have 60 minutes to finish the game.

What if we don’t escape?

You can never leave! Kidding. The game moderator will come release you from your room if you haven’t escaped in time.

Are we really locked in?

The doors are never truly locked; there will always be a panic bar in case a player has to leave immediately.

Can I leave the room?

You may leave the room but can not re-enter that game. Please be ready to play!

What time should I arrive at my game?

You must arrive 5-10 minutes early for your game. Our moderator will explain the rules and goals for the room during this time, and once the game starts, late players cannot join. We may be able to grant a grace period of a 5-10 minute delay, but that time will be deducted from your total time limit. We can not offer refunds for latecomers.

What age is recommended?

Our rooms are enjoyable for players of all ages. Children under the age of 12 may not fully understand the puzzles or objectives. All children must be fully supervised if they attend, and children under age 15 must have an adult in the room at all times. The rooms are not recommended for players under 8.

Can I use my phone?

You may have your phone on you for emergency uses. It will not help you break out of the rooms, and we ask you do not record or photograph our rooms in order to keep the fun a secret for the next players.

Who will be in the room with me?

We are currently offering all rooms as private bookings. The remaining tickets in your room will automatically become unavailable once you reserve your room.

Do I get clues?

Players will get up to 3 clues during the game. Each room is equipped with an intercom and monitor where you can speak directly with the moderator. Make sure you use your clues wisely!

Where do I park?

There is some street parking available on 22nd Street. There is also a parking lot available behind the building. Parking is free.

How can I access the building?

Our escape room is located on the second story of 2201 Market Street, above the former Zag’s Pizza. THERE IS NO ELEVATOR to our rooms. Players must be able to climb a flight of stairs. The best entrance is on the side of the building, off of 22nd Street.

Can I have food/drink?

We do not allow food or drink in our rooms. We strongly encourage players to dine locally in Camp Hill before or after your game. You will be excited and want to discuss your failure or success with your team after you play!